the shape of jobs to come

We can’t gaze into a crystal ball here at Skilio, but one thing we do love doing is thinking about how the world as we know it will evolve over the next 20 years.  Will controlling computers simply with the power of our mind be as natural as using a microwave?  Augmented reality, vertical farming,  Nano Medics – this report shows us what the future might look like by 2030.  And more to the point, what jobs such a future might generate.

One forecast that particularly struck us was the notion that:

“An individual‘s professional knowledge is becoming outdated at a much faster rate than ever before. Most professions will require continuous instruction and retraining. “

Lifelong learning is not in itself a new concept – but the methods and ease in which we can achieve it are.

Real time virtual learning across continents may seem a thing of the future, but its one prediction we at Skilio are 100% sure of!

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    I can’t wait until my thoughts are digitised… that will be the next bandwidth explosion!

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